4 Simple Self-Care Tips For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and this year we suggest taking the time to show yourself some love. Your hair and skin care routine plays a big role in making you feel great, so follow these simple self-care tips this Valentine’s Day, or on any day of the year. 

Self-Care Tip #1 – Take A Bath
Not only do baths make you feel great, they are amazing for your overall health and wellbeing. Run a warm bath, light some candles and relax. Put some soothing music on and use Mr. Smith’s Exfoliating Body Wash to deeply cleanse and invigorate your skin. You and your skin will be feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Self-Care Tip #2 – Use A Hair Masque
The bath is the perfect setting to take your relaxation up a notch by adding in a hair and face masque. Enrich and replenish your hair by using the Mr. Smith Comb to comb through the Mr. Smith Masque, leave it for 5-10 minutes. To complement this, put on your favourite face masque to clarify, tone and improve skin. 


Self-Care Tip #3 – Pamper Yourself
Whilst you’re having an at-home spa day, finish off with Mr. Smith’s Serum. This leave-in product promotes stronger, healthier hair. It is the perfect product to finish pampering yourself with by adding shine and leaving your hair looking healthier. 


Self-Care Tip #4 – Do Something That Makes You Happy
Finally, do something that makes you smile. This part is different for everyone – you may want to continue reading that book, get outdoors or spend time with a loved one. Whatever it is, this is your reminder to do it. 


Style. Substance. Simplicity. 

Mr. Smith

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