How To Use The Mr. Smith Pigments At Home

Versatile and easy to use, Mr. Smith Pigments can be used differently depending on your unique hair goals. They are ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their natural tone, maintain their colour between appointments, blend greys or create a fun new look, all whilst at home.

Use Mr. Smith Pigments at home for instant results and either wash out or continuously build for deeper, richer results.

The following steps are your guide to applying Mr. Smith pigments at home:

1. Shampoo your hair as you would regularly.
2. Apply your chosen Mr. Smith Pigment to wet hair.
3. If using darker pigments, ensure you wash your hands straight away.
4. Use the Mr. Smith Comb to evenly distribute the pigment throughout your hair.
5. Leave the pigment in for 2-3 minutes (or for a maximum of 10-15 minutes for a more intense colour).
6. Rinse out pigments thoroughly.
7. Dry and continue your regular hair care routine.

Colour will wash out after 4-8 washes or continue to apply your Mr. Smith Pigment as above for a more intense colour.


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