Mr. Smith Crème – A Universal Styling Product

Don’t be quick to assume that men and women need different products for their hair. The Mr. Smith Crème is the perfect example of a tub product that can be used by both men and women – short and long hair. 


For Short Hair
Mr. Smith Crème is extremely workable and provides a medium hold, natural shine and separation, making it great for people who don’t like to look, or feel, like they have too much product in their hair but still want a polished look. 

It’s easy to use, soft and buildable, making it perfect for those with pixie cuts, mens cuts with a bit of length or even adding definition to bobs. 

Pro tip: Massage into short hair to really give that bed head look that comes right from the roots. 


For Long Hair 
Warm up the Mr. Smith Crème in your palms thoroughly before using. This makes it easy to apply to long hair without snagging as well as ensuring even distribution. It gives separation to freshly washed hair to give more of a lived in look whilst maintaining shine. It is perfect to give texture to waves and curls without taking away that soft, moisturised feel. 

Pro tip: Use on straight hair to hold down any fly aways and give a solid finish to your look. Apply with palms of the hands together and stretch through the hair. 


Style. Substance. Simplicity 

Mr. Smith 

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