The Importance of Hydration for Natural Curls

The curly girl trend has drawn attention to the importance of taking care of your natural curls. Curly hair can be the driest of all hair types so we spoke to Mr. Smith’s Netherlands Ambassador and co-owner of The Window Amsterdam, Melchi Blanken, to find out the importance of hydration for natural curly hair. 

What does hydration do for curly hair and why is it important?

Moisture is a massive element in creating gorgeous, healthy, frizz-free curls. By adding the right steps and products to your hair care routine you can ensure that your curls stay gorgeous and frizz-free all day, as well as healthy and hydrated.

How can you tell if your curls aren’t getting enough moisture?

Your hair will feel rough and dry, become frizzy and hair will reach out into the atmosphere. In comparison, moisturised hair will be volumised and have a natural shine with a defined curl pattern. 

What products are essential for people with curly hair?

Good curly hair products should prevent the hair from becoming dry, leaving the curls hydrated, non-frizzy, moisturised and voluminous. When you are looking for products for your curly hair, make sure they are sulphate and paraben free and contain ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, mango butter, marula oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba seed oil, abyssinian seed and castor oil.

I love the Mr. Smith Serum, Leave In & Curl Crème.

What products should people with curly hair avoid?

People with curly hair should avoid any products that contain sulfates, parabens, drying alcohols and liquid paraffin.  

How do you prevent frizz?

To prevent frizz, only wash your hair once a week as over shampooing dries curls out, making sure you comb conditioner through wet curls. Air dry, hood dry or use a diffuser to dry hair, making sure not to comb through dry curls. Finally, use a silk pillowcase as this will help your curls maintain their moisture overnight and help preserve the natural curl. 

Is curly hair more fragile than straight hair?

Naturally curly hair tends to be more fragile than straight hair due to the uneven shape of the hair fibre. Those with tighter curls or coils have even more fragile hair. This is because the hair fiber is uneven, leaving the internal structure of the hair exposed and vulnerable to damage and dehydration.

Is curly hair susceptible to changes in weather?

Curly hair is extremely susceptible to humidity. Curly hair changes in length based on the amount of water in the air. When curly hair is exposed to humid environments it gradually swells with water molecules resulting in a loss of shape, becoming fuller and more frizzy. 

How should you wash and condition curly hair?

Those with curly hair should only wash their hair once a week as curls thrive on natural oils and moisture. When washing your curly hair ensure you shampoo twice, massaging it onto your scalp with your fingertips for a thorough cleanse. Apply conditioner to wet hair and gently detangle your hair in sections using a wide-tooth comb. Then, apply your styling products to wet hair. 

Are serums and oils good for curls?

Mr. Smith’s Serum is perfect to use before the Mr. Smith Curl Crème. It contains argan, jojoba and hemp seed oil that moisturises and nourishes the hair whilst strengthening damaged and brittle hair. This antioxidant-rich, leave-in product is specially designed to promote stronger, healthier hair while providing added heat and UV protection.

Do’s and Don’ts to maintain gorgeous, healthy, frizz-free curls.


  • Use hair oils. 
  • Use curl crèmes. 
  • Protect your hair while sleeping by using a silk pillowcase, bonnet or headscarf. 
  • Trim regularly to avoid split ends.


  • Pile your curls on top of your head whilst cleansing.
  • Skip the conditioner.
  • Comb your hair when it is dry. 

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