A Comb For Everyone

Mr. Smith is excited to introduce a new addition to our collection of performance driven products – Mr. Smith Comb.

Designed to gently glide through hair without pulling or damaging strands, this wide tooth comb is essential for maintaining hair health. Detangling your hair is easier and breakage is prevented from the larger spacing between the teeth.

Composed of high quality cellulose acetate, a plant based material made from cotton pulp, this comb is anti-static and designed for use on both wet and dry hair.

Mr. Smith Comb is suitable for all hair types, including loose waves and tight curls. The comb’s wide teeth detangle hair, prevents frizz and allows the hair to maintain its natural curl while preventing damage. Allowing larger sections of hair through the teeth, the Comb is hair extension friendly and won’t catch on small tangles.

This versatile tool provides better control for styling, as well as evenly distributing masques, leave in treatments and curl crèmes through the hair, delivering even nourishment.

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