Bring your hair back to life with Dry Texture Spray

It’s no secret that when our hair feels good, we feel good — and if you’ve ever experienced limp hair, you know not only how frustrating it can be, but how insecure it can make you feel.

So what causes limp hair and how can we bring hair back to life?


What are the common causes of limp hair?

People who have limp hair struggle to bring volume and life into their hair. It’s often flat, lifeless and dull. For some, they may have always had naturally fine hair — for others, it can come down to what and how they use hair products and their styling technique.

Unfortunately genetics can have a lot to do with your hair type, meaning limp hair can be passed down (thanks mum and dad). 

What and how you use products
Using products that aren’t suited to your hair or using products incorrectly can lead to product build up — weighing the hair down. For example, using conditioner on your roots will leave your hair flat and oily. 

Styling technique
When styling your hair — especially when using heat tools — if you get too close to the roots, it can cause your hair to look flat. This also applies to styling products — for example using a Serum, you want to make sure you don’t apply it too close to the roots as it will leave your hair oily and heavy.




How can I bring life back into my hair?

The Mr. Smith Dry Texture Spray is one of our most loved products for encouraging and creating effortless texture and fullness. 

It’s a lightweight spray that is suitable for all hair types and is layerable with other products — giving you the choice between creating a casual or more editorial driven look. It consists of a nutrient-rich blend of organic linseed, calendula and rosemary, which work to encourage growth, increase the strength of hair and restore moisture.

Dry Texture Spray will also encourage root lift — adding volume and texture, minus the product residue that can leave hair looking flat. 


How do I get the most out of my Dry Texture Spray?

  1. Shake well
  2. Spray onto dry hair where volume, texture and hold is desired 
  3. For the best control, aim to apply 30cms away from the hair 


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