Colourist Cherin Choi’s Top Tips for Prolonging Your Hair Colour

Everyone who has had their hair coloured will agree that everything seems to strip away their beautiful expensive colour. The good news is that LA-based Colourist and Mr. Smith Global Colour Ambassador Cherin Choi has a few tips to get your colour to last longer. 

Don’t overwash your hair

After having your hair coloured you should wait at least 2-3 days to allow your colour to settle. Colour fades when you wash your hair because toners wash out over time. If you want your hair colour to last longer, avoid daily washing! 

It may take your scalp some time to get used to less frequent washing, so use dry shampoo to extend the time between washes and keep your hair looking and smelling fresh

Choose your products carefully

Certain products and ingredients will help maintain your colour. Shampoo and conditioners that are sulfate free will help prolong your colour as sulfates remove colour more quickly. Products that offer UV protection and are colour safe will also ensure that your colour lasts as long as possible. 

Go cold

Hot water opens the hair cuticle whereas cold water keeps it closed. To prevent your hair colour from fading, use cold water when washing your hair.

Mr. Smith Pigments

Pigment treatments or conditioners are a great way to maintain your hair colour at home. I recommend them to my clients as a way to keep their hair looking fresh until they are able to get back in the salon. The Mr. Smith Pigments are great because as well as maintaining and enhancing colour they also nourish and strengthen hair through their mix of key ingredients including hydrolysed wheat protein, almond, orange peel and lavender oils. 

Following these tips at home will help you maintain and prolong your hair colour between appointments.

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