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Auteur, Resort 2022
Hair by Freda Rossidis for Mr. Smith Australian Fashion Week

STEP ONE Start by creating a natural centre part.

STEP TWO On dry hair, work Mr. Smith The Foundation from roots to ends, then finish with a hair dryer to create fullness and movement.

STEP THREE Take a small section of hair and spray with Mr. Smith Hairspray then, using a mini curling iron, curl the hair. Repeat for each section, ensuring that you keep them consistent in size. The front sections should be curled away from the face then, alternate directions with each section. At the back, start from the nape and work your way up.

STEP FOUR Create a bend in the ends of the hair with a mini curling iron and allow hair to cool.

STEP FIVE Once cool, brush out each section with a paddle brush, starting at the nape and working your way to the crown.

STEP SIX As you are brushing, lift the hair up to allow lots of air and fullness into the look.

STEP SEVEN Spray Mr. Smith Dry Texture Spray for extra volume and texture, followed by Mr. Smith High Hold Hairspray to secure.

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