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Lead Stylist Ryan Mitchell using Mr. Smith for New York Fashion Week.


Step One: Start with clean, dry hair. Lightly mist Mr. Smith Texture Spray section by section from roots to ends.

Step Two: Blowdry using your hands.

Step Three: Create a natural center part.

Step Four: Starting at the nape, create 1 inch sections. Using a  flat brush, back brush each section from roots to ends making sure that all of the hair in each section is back brushed.

Step Five: Apply the Mr. Smith Hairspray to each section in a sweeping motion.

Step Six: Flatiron the back brushed sections by quickly clamping the flatiron down, releasing and moving down the section from roots to ends.

Step Seven: Using a crimping iron, go over any straight sections that may have been released from the back brushed sections. Continue in this manner throughout the entire head.

Step Eight: Allow the hair to cool.

Sept Nine: Using the same flat brush, brush out each section.

Step Ten: Brush the entire head and release all tangles.


Style. Substance. Simplicity.

Mr. Smith

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