Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Give the gift of perfect hair. Our 2023 Mr. Smith Holiday Gift Guide is officially here and ready to save you from overcrowded shopping centres and out of stock shelves! Featuring tailored recommendations to suit any hair type and lifestyle, you are sure to find the ideal gift for anyone in your ‘to buy for’ list or even a treat for yourself.


For: The Curly 

Designed to deeply nourish and smooth, this trio of Luxury Shampoo, Luxury Masque, and Leave In, helps tame unruly hair, leaving it silky and soft. 

Packed with nutrients, the opulent Nourish Gift Set is perfect for hair that needs rich treatment for immediate hydration and shine. 



For: The All-Rounder 

Designed to deeply refresh and strengthen, this trio of Balancing Shampoo, Balancing Conditioner, and Masque, enriches and replenishes without weighing the hair down. 

There is always that one person that is difficult to buy for. Lucky for you the Refresh Gift Set is perfect for all hair types and thus can do no wrong. Problem solved!



For: The Hydration Seeker

Formulated to replenish and hydrate, this trio of Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, and Leave In, moisturises and soothes dry hair.

The Replenish Gift Set is perfect for dry hair needing that extra bit of tender love and care. If you know someone who has been worried about dry hair, this hydrating set is sure to come to the rescue. 



For: The Blonds

Designed to enhance and revive, this trio of Volumising Shampoo, Volumising Conditioner, and Blond, protects the hair and brightens colour by removing yellow and brassy tones.

If your gift recipient has blond hair, the Enhance Gift Set is perfect for them. Delivering volume and vibrancy, this set will help them achieve freshness one only sees at the salon. 



For: The Creatives

Created to style and protect, this trio of Serum, The Foundation, and Dry Texture Spray, maintains and enhances style. 

The Style Gift Set is perfect for the creative person in your life that loves to have fun with their hair. Providing a flawless base for styled hair, this set is the holy grail for crafting looks. 



For: The Traveller 

Created to achieve salon-fresh hair whilst on the go, our Minis includes all the Mr. Smith essentials in travel size. 

Our Minis are perfect for that jet-setter in your life who doesn’t want to compromise healthy and gorgeous hair for the nomad lifestyle. 



For: The Low Maintenance 

Pair Mr. Smith Stimulating Shampoo and Stimulating Conditioner with Flex to revitalise hair and give it volume and hold. 

The ultimate low-maintenance trio, this is perfect for those that strive for an effortlessly cool look but don’t have the drive to commit to an hour of styling.  


Style. Substance. Simplicity.

Mr. Smith

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