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Auteur, Resort 23.

Hair by Freda Rossidis using Mr. Smith for Australian Fashion Week.

Step One: Prep the hair by adding extra length using Amazing Hair Australia extensions to the nape and work upwards until the hair has blended well. 

Step Two: Use a 1” curling iron to add movement into the hair and ensure an even texture between extensions and natural hair.

Step Three: Starting at the nape, liberally apply Mr. Smith Volumising Spray directly on roots followed by lots of Mr. Smith Mousse.

Step Four: Comb through using the Mr. Smith Comb.

Step Five: Work towards the crown and behind the ears by taking 2” sections.

Step Six: For the top and sides, grab finer sections and saturate the hair with Mr. Smith Volumising Spray and Mr. Smith Mousse.

Step Seven: Comb through with the Mr. Smith Comb and work shape with fingers.

Step Eight: Keep sides and crown tight — pulling the front and giving it a slight lift.

Step Nine: Start clipping the hair in shape with flat clips, through the top and sides.

Step Ten: Apply more Mr. Smith Mousse through the back and finish by spraying Mr. Smith Sea Salt Spray all over — continuing to work shape with fingers.

Step Eleven: Secure hair with a net (especially at nape).

Step Twelve: Dry well with a diffuser.

Step Thirteen: Personalise once dry with Mr. Smith Sea Salt Spray and Mr. Smith Hairspray

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