The Hairsprays

Hairspray is an essential styling product for prolonging hairstyles and taming stubborn flyways. 

Whether you’re wanting to lock in a style or have flexibility — Mr. Smith has your look covered with Hairspray and High Hold Hairspray. Whilst both work to ensure longevity, each spray works to achieve different results.



Mr. Smith Hairspray is a working and weightless spray. Whilst offering exceptional hold, Hairspray does not inhibit the hair’s natural movement — leaving hair brushable and with no unwanted stickiness. Designed for session work and styling, Hairspray is the ultimate control and finishing tool.

Enriched with jojoba seed oil and vitamin-rich quandong fruit extract — Hairspray helps to strengthen the hair, while vitamin-rich quandong fruit extract adds nourishment.


High Hold Hairspray

If committing to a look is more your thing, the Mr. Smith High Hold Hairspray is your go-to. Providing superior hold, High Hold Hairspray is low-shine, non-flaking and adept at smoothing fly-aways. It contains certified organic ginger extract for nourishment, vitamin C-rich kakadu plum and restorative Australian white cypress extract.


Mr. Smith Hairspray vs Mr. Smith High Hold Hairspray


How they compare


  • Light to medium hold 
  • Brushable and workable
  • Easy to layer for multiple applications

High Hold Hairspray

  • Superior hold 
  • Secures a look 
  • Designed for 1-2 applications


For an extra secured finish, use both sprays alongside each other. Applying Hairspray throughout the styling process will allow for a flexible hold — meaning re-styling is possible — and finishing with High Hold Hairspray will provide a powerful hold, securing the look into place.


Style. Substance. Simplicity.

Mr. Smith

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