Create the Look | iO Donna

Create the Look | iO Donna

Hair by Liv Holst using Mr. Smith.


Step One: Wash the hair with Mr. Smith Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step Two: Make a clean middle part and add a few pumps of Mr. Smith Leave In all over the hair.

Step Three: Blow dry using a round brush to create a very smooth and healthy straight texture. 

Step Four: Section the hair from the apex down, to the ears and clip away the back. Taking diagonal sections apply Mr. Smith Mousse to the roots and brush back in a downwards motion using a flat brush over the ear and up to 1cm from the middle parting. The last section (close to the parting) brush in the same direction without adding any product. 

Step Five: Use a hairdryer to diffuse the Mr. Smith Mousse into the hair.

Step Six: Finish with the Mr. Smith Serum for extra shine and brush some loose hair over the face.


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