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Mr. Smith in Colour
Hair by Freda Rossidis for Mr. Smith


STEP ONE  Wash hair using Mr. Smith Volumising Shampoo and Mr. Smith Volumising Conditioner.

STEP TWO Towel dry hair well and spray the roots to ends generously with Mr. Smith Mousse.

STEP THREE Using a large round brush — smooth the hair, taking sections as you would a classic set.

STEP FOUR Using a metal tail comb — take a deep side part and spray the partline with Mr. Smith Volumising Spray.

STEP FIVE Comb and clip into place with surfboard clips (Non-Marking Clips).

STEP SIX Starting behind the ear and all the way to the front — take 2” sections of hair and spray Mr. Smith Volumising Spray onto the roots and mid lengths.

STEP SEVEN Start directionally drying the hair with a paddle or flat brush, keeping the hair flat on sides and crown.

STEP EIGHT When hair is completely dry, apply a generous amount of Mr. Smith Mousse and work through the top and sides.

STEP NINE Comb the hair using the Mr. Smith Comb, push into shape and clip using surfboard clips (non marking clips).

STEP TEN To finish, gently apply 2-3 pumps of Mr. Smith Serum on the sides and ends, followed by a light spray of Mr. Smith High Hold Hairspray.

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