Create the Look | Mr. Smith in Colour

Create the Look | Summer Curls

Mr. Smith in Colour
Hair by Freda Rossidis for Mr. Smith


STEP ONE Wash the hair with Mr. Smith Balancing Shampoo and Mr. Smith Balancing Conditioner.

STEP TWO Towel dry the hair to remove excess moisture.

STEP THREE Starting at the nape, taking section by section, apply a small amount of Mr. Smith Curl Crème from roots to ends, making sure you apply an even amount of product.

STEP FOUR Comb the hair using the Mr. Smith Comb and follow through by raking with your fingers.

STEP FIVE Starting at the front, take sections of hair and start twisting off the face. Then begin to alternate, twisting back and forward until all the hair has been set via twisting.

STEP SIX Once the hair is ready to diffuse, spray lightly with the Mr. Smith Texture Spray before drying.

STEP SEVEN When the hair is completely dry, shake the hair out with your fingers and apply 2-3 pumps of the Mr. Smith Leave In — to allow the curls to separate and soften. 

STEP EIGHT To finish, blast the root area with Mr. Smith Dry Texture Spray for extra volume.


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