Create the Look | Mr. Smith in Colour

Create the Look | French Twist

Mr. Smith in Colour
Hair by Freda Rossidis for Mr. Smith


STEP ONE Cleanse the hair with Mr. Smith Stimulating Shampoo and Stimulating Conditioner to ensure a nice clean base.

STEP TWO On dry hair, apply Mr. Smith Volumising Spray onto the root area — starting at the nape and through to the faceline and crown area.

STEP THREE Apply Mr. Smith Mousse on the mid-lengths and ends, followed by Mr. Smith Leave In.

STEP FOUR Use the Mr. Smith Comb to distribute products throughout the hair.

STEP FIVE Work the hair with your fingers by pulling hair back — keeping the top and sides tight — and towards the center back of the head to create shape.

STEP SIX Once pulled into the center, start rolling the hair from the top of the crown down towards the nape.

STEP SEVEN Continue rolling the hair — either by tucking all the hair in or keeping some out at the nape — to personalise.

STEP EIGHT Secure the hair with U pins, ensuring placement is organic and effortless.

STEP NINE Pull and tweak the shape accordingly, to suit face shape.

STEP TEN To finish, personalise using Mr. Smith Hairspray.


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