Five Minutes with Stefania Ferrario

We sat down with Australian model and activist, Stefania Ferrario, to ask her a few questions about her career, passion for animal rights and love of the Mr. Smith Pigments.


How would you describe yourself?

I’d describe myself as an exhibitionist! A lover of vintage, retro and glamour, as well as, an avid animal rights activist and model.


Go-to café?

Sable in Cremorne, Melbourne! They are 100% plant-based and they make the most decadent drinks and bagels! Yum!


Favourite city in the world?



When and how did your modelling career begin?

I started forging my own path at the age of 16 by organising my own photoshoots and curating imagery online. At around the age of 20, I finally landed my first proper modelling gig. It was thanks to a small boutique agency, at the time called Vicious Models, who saw enough potential in me and agreed to sign and represent me. They sent me to my first ever casting, which landed me a series of national TV commercials as the main model!


What is the highlight of your career to date?

Modelling alongside Dita Von Teese for the first time back in 2013 for the launch of her lingerie line at Myer.


Have you always been creative and what inspires your content?

Yes, I have always been creative. I used to draw horses and figures for many years before delving into modelling. I think my father has always been an amazing artistic influence on me. My dad taught me many tips and tricks for drawing human faces, but his undying love to express himself through artistic means is forever changing and evolving, and I feel that I follow suit.


What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t working as a model?

I’d probably be a traditional artist or painter.


Not only are you a model but you are also an activist. How important is cruelty-free beauty and haircare to you?

Extremely important, it seems insidious to use products to make ourselves “beautiful”, if those products are built on immense suffering, exploitation and murder…there is nothing beautiful about that.


What are your tips for people starting their search for cruelty-free products?

Always check the label to make sure the products are not tested on animals and that they don’t include any animal derived ingredients. There are generally a couple of classic symbols to look out for, which include a bunny or a “V”.


What are your favourite Mr. Smith products?

The Foundation and the new Pigments are so luxurious! 


What is your favourite thing about the Mr. Smith Pigments and which is your favourite colour?

My favourite thing about Mr. Smith is that they are PETA-certified and you can truly feel beautiful using them. My favourite colour is the Strawberry Blond but I look forward to trying the others I have!


Style. Substance. Simplicity.

Mr. Smith

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