Styling Products to Achieve Your Hair Goals

With so many products on the market, not to mention the overwhelming amount of information, it can be hard to decipher which products are right for your hair and your hair goals. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a short guide to help you choose the right products for you. 


Thick & Coarse Hair

The most common hair concern for those with thick, coarse hair include dryness and frizz. With the right haircare and styling products, thick and coarse hair can become healthy, smooth and manageable. 

Leave In

Moisturises | Conditions | Reduces the impact of humidity


Restorative | Moisturises | Nourishes


Reduces Frizz | Adds Shine | Flexible Hold


Adds Volume | Prevents Frizz | Strengthens Hair


Wavy & Curly Hair

Those with wavy and curly hair would already know that caring for your hair can be a handful with the increased likelihood of breakage, frizz and dryness. The right products can leave your curls and waves more defined and frizz free. 

Curl Crème

Defines Curls | Controls Frizz | Reduces the impact of humidity


Defines Curls | Enhances Waves | Flexible Hold

Leave In

Prevents Tangling | Moisturises | Conditions


Moisturises | Nourishes | Prevents Frizz & Dryness


Straight Hair

The most common hair concerns for those with straight hair is dry and limp locks, flyaways, tangles and frizz. The right products will leave hair smooth and polished, or create the texture you’re looking for. 

The Foundation 

Creates Volume | Flexible Hold | Doesn’t Weigh Hair Down


Adds Volume & Body | Prevents Frizz | Strengthens Hair

Dry Texture Spray 

Adds Volume | Creates Texture | Moisturises

Sea Salt Spray

Creates Beach Hair | Adds Texture & Separation


Fine & Limp Hair

Those with fine and limp hair will notice that their hair gets greasy quite quickly, is harder to style and lacks volume. The right products can add body and volume to fine hair without weighing the hair down. 

The Foundation 

Creates Volume | Flexible Hold | Doesn’t Weigh Hair Down 

Texture Spray 

Adds Volume & Body | Lightweight

Volumising Spray 

Creates Fullness & Texture | Adds Shine | Nourishing

Dry Texture Spray

Adds Volume | Creates Texture | Lightweight


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