Styling Tips from Five Industry Professionals

Everyone is dying to know the secret behind creating salon hair at home, so we asked some top hair stylists to share a tip or trick that we may not have known to help us on our way.




Cherin Choi

Brushing your hair is so important! Not just from anywhere — from the roots all the way down. This helps to move the oils down from the scalp to the ends which is how I promote healthy hair.




D’Angelo Alston

A styling tip/trick I’ve learned during my career in beauty is how essential it is to use a hairnet when doing cornrows — it really helps give a polished finish!




Freda Rossidis

I use a toothbrush for hairlines, it’s a great tool for defining or polishing hairlines and the nape for long or short hair styling. I also like using a brush to apply Dry Shampoo. I spray the dry shampoo onto my brush and then go over the faceline and partline with my brush.




Michaël Delmas

The best trick that I have learnt during my career is to use conditioner as a styling product. It’s really versatile and brings a bit of weight to the look and creates separation. I use it with a flat brush to blow dry, to create separation for loose curls before diffusing and too rough dry with my fingers and blow dryer.




Stefano Greco

To create texture without tonging the hair, divide the hair wherever you want the part to be and apply Mousse to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Then braid both sides of the hair and diffuse before letting the hair cool down and undoing the braids. Either brush the hair for an airy, voluminous style or just go through with your fingers for more of a beachy wavy style.


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