How To Refresh Your Curl Routine

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Need to update your curl routine? We have you covered. Working with our network of hair and curl experts we have put together some tips to refresh your curls. 

For Bouncy and Defined curls

For bouncy, defined curls and coils, applying products in the correct order is crucial to maximise moisture retention. The tried and tested LOC method outlines the order in which products should be applied – Leave-In Conditioner, Oil, and then Cream. 


“The order is really important as the leave-in hydrates the hair, oil moisturizes the hair and cream locks in moisture by closing the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss.” – Mr. Smith Netherlands Brand Ambassador Melchi Blanken.


To start we recommend using Mr. Smith Leave In on damp hair, this weightless treatment adds moisture and strengthens hair leaving it silky and smooth, as well as providing heat and UV protection. 

Next, layer on Mr. Smith Serum, which utilises argan, jojoba and hemp seed oils to create a barrier, locking in moisture as well as strengthening the hair and providing additional heat and UV protection. 

Finally, apply Mr. Smith Curl Crème, which will help define your curl and control frizz. 

Keep in mind that all curls are different – this is just one method. The amount of product and type of product that works for you may vary depending on your specific hair type. 


“I start with the Hydrating Conditioner followed by the Curl Creme and I use the Masque if my hair needs extra care. I don’t often use oils but I will use the Mr. Smith Serum when my hair is really dry” – Mr. Smith Sweden Brand Ambassador Pia Tidholm-Carstens


Dry and Damaged Curls

We’ve got you covered if you’re struggling with dry and damaged curls. Using a rich and restorative masque, such as the Mr. Smith Masque or Luxury Masque, will treat and strengthen damaged hair while delivering hydration. This can be used in the shower for a couple of minutes to prep the hair, or leave on for 2-3 hours before rinsing out for greater hydration and nourishment. The Mr. Smith Masque is ideal for those with finer hair, whilst the Luxury Masque is ideal for those with thick, unruly and dry hair. 

On damp or dry hair use Mr. Smith Curl Crème to give your curls definition whilst providing medium hold. Finish with Mr. Smith Leave In to add moisture, prevent frizz and provide added heat and UV protection. 

How To

Tara Sutton, freelance hairstylist based at Stanley & co, demonstrates how she styles her curls – watch it here

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