Women’s Property Initiatives

In celebration of Mothers Day, we are giving a gift like no other. All profits made from our Australian online store from 30th April – 2nd May 2021 will be donated to Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI) to help provide affordable and permanent housing to women and their children who have experienced housing crisis. 

Who are WPI?

WPI has worked tremendously over the past 25 years to provide women, and their children, on low incomes with long term quality housing. This initiative allows women to start over by working with local support agencies and gives them the financial freedom to do more than just survive. WPI manages over 90 homes tenanted to over 230 women and children. 

What do they do?

WPI provides long-term quality housing where tenants pay rent, but no more than 30% of their household income. This allows women to maximise their opportunities, live with dignity and have the means to become involved with the community. 

WPI also works with local support agencies to give women and children connections, support and links to their local community. This helps women address their challenges and make their new beginning a permanent change. 

Who do they help?

WPI helps women that are facing homelessness. These women come from a range of different backgrounds such as those who have experienced family violence, migrants fleeing conflict and even older women who lack financial resources to pay rent or own a home. These women face circumstances out of their control and without the help of WPI end up living in unsafe or inappropriate housing. 

Why Women?

WPI works with women as they face greater disadvantage in finding a safe, secure and affordable home. For example, in Australia women earn 15.3% less than men, and 60% of low-income earners are women. 1 in every 2 women approaching homelessness services are escaping family violence, with homelessness growing at a faster rate for women than men. Additionally, in Victoria only 1 in 100 properties are affordable for a single mother on benefits, contributing to higher rates of homelessness. To find out more about WPI here.

How you can help.

There are a few ways you can help and support WPI including donations, gifts, bequests, workplace giving and fundraising. 

By donating to WPI you will help provide more permanent and affordable housing for women and their children, combined with appropriate support. To read more about how you can help visit WPI here. 

Thank you to everyone that has helped contribute to this worthy cause. To further support Women’s Property Initiatives Shop Now. 


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