Mr. Smith Pigments: Frequently Asked Questions

We asked Mr. Smith Creative Director, Freda Rossidis, to answer some frequently asked questions about the Mr. Smith Pigment Collection.

What is the application process?

Mr. Smith Pigments can be used exactly as you would a conditioner. Ensure you have washed your hair as you regularly would and apply your chosen pigment from roots to ends. For even distribution, use a wide tooth comb to comb through. Leave the pigment on for 2 – 3 minutes and rinse out. Dry and continue your hair care routine as normal.

How long do you leave the Pigments in the hair? 

We recommend leaving the pigment in the hair for 2-3 minutes to begin with, or for a maximum of 10-15 minutes for a more intense colour. The pigments are buildable, meaning you are in control of your colour.

Is the product messy – will it stain your skin or towels and should you use gloves?

You do not need to wear gloves when using the Mr. Smith Pigments. However, for the brighter and deeper shades, like the Ruby Red, Charcoal or Chocolate, ensure you wash your hands immediately after use to prevent staining. Ensure that the pigment is completely rinsed out of hair before drying off.

Will it dye your scalp?

The Mr. Smith Pigments will not dye your scalp, however we recommend applying neatly to avoid staining the face.

Do the Mr. Smith Pigments cause irritation? 

We recommend doing a test patch prior to applying to your hair, especially if you have allergies. The pigments are paraben and peroxide free. 

How long do the pigments last?

The product will wash out gradually over 4 – 8 washes. However, this is dependent on the condition of your hair and how porous the hair was to begin with. For longer lasting colour we recommend using any Mr. Smith shampoo as they are sulfate free.

How does the product perform on a range of hair types?

Mr. Smith Pigments are suitable for all hair types. The more porous the hair is from chemical processing, including bleaching and colouring, the quicker you will see a result, and the more vibrant the colour will be. On healthy or unprocessed hair, the colour will be more subtle and it may take a couple of applications to reach your desired colour. Lighter hair will show up the pigments more vibrantly than darker hair.

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