Talking Beauty with Campbell Ritchie

Born in Australia — we caught up with long time friend, celebrity makeup artist and clean beauty advocate, Campbell Ritchie. 

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry — including models Kate Moss and Devon Aoki — and travelled around the world for Fashion Week shows, Campbell knows a thing or two about makeup.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you break into the makeup industry?

I was a model in the 90’s and worked with various makeup artists and photographers. I met Kevyn Aucoin and the rest was history.


What is something not many people know about you?

I was a professional ballet dancer until I was 16 years old.


You have worked alongside some of the biggest names in fashion. What stands out as a career highlight for you?

There are so many…

Working with Olivia Newton John, the infamous Victoria Secrets fashion shows, keying my own shows and NYC Fashion Week, working with Kate Moss, Jess Hart, working the red carpets at Cannes…

Also becoming the beauty ambassador for ‘Chantecaille Beauté’ was a lifelong dream to marry my artistry with my philanthropy work and activism.


You are a big advocate for clean beauty. What started/drives that passion?

I’ve been a lifelong vegan and due to health reasons noticed that not only what we put in our bodies can make us sick, but what we put on our bodies is most toxic.


You were the artist behind makeup for our recent campaign, Mr. Smith in Colour. What did you love about this shoot?

The vibe was so full of energy, colour and glam! We really went all out on this campaign.

I’m a huge Studio 54 fan and we haven’t really seen that look for a campaign. Freda really allowed me to just go for it and play. I love the trust we have with each other.


What is a beauty essential everyone should have in their makeup kit right now?

Having incredible skincare is an essential — especially one that gives back like ‘Chantecaille’. They give back to conservation and animals all around the world through the sales of their makeup and skin care.

You also need an amazing blush, mascara and tinted moisturiser on hand.


Style. Substance. Simplicity.

Mr. Smith

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